Beyond Convenience: Why Smart Locks Are the Future of Home and Business

by | Mar 25, 2024

You’re juggling groceries, a screaming toddler, a coffee cup, or your fur baby on a leash. Then, you reach your door only to discover your key has vanished into the void. You spend the next 10 minutes patting yourself down like a frantic security guard searching for contraband.

After much fumbling and a silent prayer (or swear word or two) to the deity of misplaced keys, you finally find them and are able to unlock your door. You enter victoriously – but alas in the chaos – your expensive coffee never made it unscathed over the threshold. This, my friends, is why the universe invented smart locks.

Advantages of a Smart Lock For Your Home or Business

Imagine a world where you ditch the bulky key chain and unlock your door with the magic rectangle glued to your hand – your smartphone! With a smart lock, you can:

  • Grant Access Remotely: Forgot to give your dog walker the key? Have a new hire who does not have a key yet? No sweat! Grant temporary access through your phone app. Smart locks can be programmed with temporary access codes for trusted guests or family. Just be sure to revoke access for that one employee who quit in a huff.
  • Timed Locking and Unlocking: A smart lock can be set to automatically lock after a set amount of time. For instance, you could set it to automatically lock 15 minutes after it’s unlocked for those of us who forget to lock our doors after carrying 10 bags of groceries in the house. OR, set it to unlock at set times for busy businesses looking to open on time, every time.
  • Location-Based Locking: Some locks have a geofencing or proximity-based locking option. This will automatically lock the unit if your smartphone leaves a certain area—usually within a few hundred feet of the house or business. This is a great option for your teenager who leaves the house for school every day and forgets to lock up.
  • Track Who Comes and Goes: See a log of who unlocked the door. This is perfect for catching sneaky teenagers with a midnight pizza habit or just keeping a watchful eye on the door to the loading dock in the back of your business. Smart locks that are paired with cameras can even let you know who came to your door, see where the Amazon driver stowed your delivery, or who knocked over your planter.
  • Unlock with a Voice Command: Carrying office supplies? Parents who show up an hour early while you are in the shower? No problem! Just say “Open sesame” (or a more secure passcode) and let the magic happen (using Alexa and Google Assistant compatible locks, that is).
  • Secure Your Home or Business Even While You Are Away: Even when you are far away on a beach vacation or just stuck across town, when someone comes to your door, you can answer the ring and send them packing. They won’t know you aren’t there, but they will know they are being watched.
  • Integrate with Other Smart Home or Business Devices. You can also integrate your smart lock with other smart home devices. When you do this, it is possible to program your devices so that your lights turn on automatically when you unlock the door, your doorbell camera sends a live feed to your phone when someone approaches, or even turn on the AC when you get home. Life can be far more convenient when you automate your everyday activities!

Smart Locks: Brands That Professional Locksmiths Love

Considering a Smart Lock system for your home, office, or business? As lock professionals, here are our top choices for the most reliable, versatile, and cutting-edge smart lock systems.

Kwikset Smart Locks

Founded in 1946, Kwikset is part of The Black & Decker Corporation Hardware and Home Improvement Group. They are reliable and affordable. And, with an excess of styles and choices to choose from, you will be hard-pressed to not find one that will suit your needs. They also have an outstanding warranty.

Schlage Smart Locks

With a history that spans over 100 years, Schlage has been active in the lock business since 1920. Although they are a little more expensive, Schlage locks are known for being significantly harder and have superior security features. Their Smart Locks are all made with a superior level of craftsmanship and can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of security and camera equipment including Apple Home, Ring, and Alexa to name a few.

Yale Smart Locks

Established in 1840, Yale is one of the oldest brands in the business. Yale locks are known worldwide as the brand that is “Built to Last” – and last they do! Their legendary Yale Cylinder Lock was first patented in 1861 and was wildly influential in the development of locks that are used even today. They are renowned for their quality but consumers and locksmiths also love them for their vast selection and choices of Smart Door Locks. We don’t often get complaints from clients who use Yale locks and their Smart Locks have equally impressed us!

Smart Lock Brands We Hate: What the Professionals at Lock Docs Recommend You Avoid

We hate to sound like snobs. But the reality is, if you selected a cheap smart lock after a quick search on Amazon (or some other online provider), you’re probably gonna regret that decision someday. The reviews may seem good, but here’s the problem with that. The lock may work for a few months, or even a year, but eventually it will probably fail.The quality is just not there.

So why are the reviews not terrible for that cheap lock? Because, by the time it fails, many consumers won’t take the time to go back into their accounts and add a bad review. Most bad reviews are added within days of receiving a product, not months or even a year later. Instead, when it fails, it will be at an inconvenient time and when you need it the most. Trust us, this is where we get many of our sales calls. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is.

A Final Word About Smart Locks (and Maybe a Public Service Announcement)

When it comes to your security, go with a TRUSTED BRAND for your Smart Lock selection. And, make sure it is installed by professional locksmiths such as Lock Docs.

Smart locks are a game-changer for convenience and peace of mind. If you are in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Queen Creek, or the East Valley area and you need a smart lock repaired or replaced, or you are considering a new Smart Lock install, contact Lock Docs. We’ll ensure you get the right one that will not only protect your home, office, or business but one that will work for decades to come.

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